United Automobile Insurance of America - Car Accident 1-10-2013

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A truck driven by one of your customers rear ended me, after contacting you, you sent a guy out to take pictures,then you kept me in limbo without a car, no correspondence, while in the meantime I have no car to get back and forth to work in.I then had to file with my insurance company because you guys avoided having to pay for my car, get me a rental, so you say my car was totaled.

Bull!!!My car just needs to get fixed, It is drivable with no frame damage, so why couldn't you take care of your responsibility to your customer who was at fault.

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United Automobile Insurance of America

Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia 0 comments
Not resolved

This company insured an illegal male from Mexico.He hit my daughters car, totalled it out and left the scene.

He fled the U.S. and the insurance company refuses to fairly compensate my daughter. The company web site clearly states that they insure a certain segment of the population. WHAT???

How is this legal and what about the legal, medical and car replacement cost?

They offered $3000.00 dollars and deny any responsiblity for any punative damages, claiming he signed a waiver, relieving them from any damages incurred.He had a valid drivers liscense but was not here legally.

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